Pavizham oils is a refiner of high quality vegetable oils and fats based in ernakulam, Kerala.



Pavizham oils are refined in hygenic environment with qualified machines and workers.



We check the nutrient and saturated fat composition of Pavizham oils before packing every batch.



Pavizham oils are mechanically pressed from the seed by machines without using chemicals.

About Pavizham


Pavizham rice bran oil is India's leading cooking oil brand which grabbed a spot in every kitchen within a short span of its launch. Pavizham Cooking Oils is a result of long term Research and Development promising nutritious and healthy diet. Pavizham is the best provider of the traditional rice taste of Kerala with its superior quality and affordable price. High Nutritional value sortex rice and rice products are being manufactured using high end technology to meet our customers needs ensuring hygiene and quality.

Our team consists of dynamic professionals, who work in a stimulating environment and whose remuneration & career development opportunities are linked in a large way to performance. The marketing arm of these companies is Pavizham Healthier Diet (Pvt) Ltd. Apart from rice & rice products, the company also markets Tamarind,salt,coconut oil, rice bran oil etc.

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Rice Bran Oil

News about Rice bran oil


Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

October 21, 2015

Cholesterol Busting Power
Cancer Protection
Better Cardiovascular Health
Improved Skin Health
Immunity Boost
Endocrine Power


Coconut Oil vs. Rice bran Oil

October 13, 2015

Rice bran oil contains 42.5% oleic acid which is the same fatty acid in olive oil and 39% linoleic acid - an omega-6 essential fatty acid. Though high in calories both oils provide roughly 120 calories for tablespoon. According the "Journal of Indian Medicine" in a study published in 2010 issue rice bran oil lowers low-density lipoprotein which is the bad form of cholesterol. Coconut oil combined with rice bran oil provides blood thinning properties.


India to ship 10,000 tonne of Rice Bran Oil

October 10, 2015

India is expecting to ship 10,000 tonne of rice bran oil this financial year after the government eased restrictions on its bulk sale. According to data from the Solvent Extractors' Association of India (SEA), India exported about 2,000 tonne of rice bran oil last year mainly in consumer packs.India was the highest producer of rice bran oil with an output of 9.5 lakh tonne in 2014-15, followed by China.